NONSITE || Photography Response Writing Group March 12, 1-4

On Saturday March 12, a Photography Response Writing Group will convene from 1-4 as part of the Nonsite residency, “The Commons” at the SF Camerawork gallery.

We will think about how an image-saturated landscape and constant camera use is a common space to observe and absorb. How are cell phone photos, photo sharing sites, and news photos changing the ownership of photographs and photographic memories? How does photography inside galleries and museums coexist with these multiplying photographies in downtown San Francisco?

We will meet in the SF Camerawork gallery to discuss the above topics then go on individual, self-guided tours of the surrounding downtown area. The walks will have a loose script, focusing on how photography iterates itself as an act, and as artifacts. We will then reconvene in the gallery and write about what we performed/collected from our walks.

Here is the script for watching pictures and cameras, in any city.

This event is free. Bring writing materials.

SF Camerawork is located at 657 Mission Street, San Francisco


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